Sold Alamo Cues ~ 60" Cocobolo Sneaky Pete

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Here for your consideration is a beautiful wrapless Alamo Cues Sneaky Pete built by Mark Lund.

This cue features a nice piece of fiery Mexican Cocobolo for the handle and a torrefied Tiger Maple forearm.

The cue is in good condition with only a few minor marks in the finish from being used; it's an exceptional playing cue with a real nice crisp hit!

Butt weighs 13.5 oz (fully adjustable), 30", 3/8-10 modified Brass pin
Kielwood shaft 3.9 oz, 29.75", 12.8mm
White phenolic joint and buttcap

Also, this cue has been fitted for an extension too!



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The current balance point of the cue (at 13.5 oz) without any weightbolt present is 20" from the end of the buttcap which allows you alot of adjustment.

The points are really good for a SP; and, they all seamlessly blend into the grain of the forearm; one is approx. 1/4" shorter than the longest point.


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Nice beautiful light cue, i'll bet it's a real player
It moves the ball really good 👌

In case some of you may be concerned about the lighter weight of this shouldn't be!

The cue plays great as it sits for a 7' bar box. You can add a 2" Extension for an extra 2 oz of weight (the balance point is still forward at approx. 19") and the cue is perfect for playing on a professional 9' table.

Of course, you can always simply adjust the weight of the buttend using standard 3/8-16 headless weightbolts to make the cue heavier.

Again, if you have any questions or, concerns please don't hesitate to send me a PM.

It's a great playing cue, made by an exceptional cuemaker and, offered at reasonably attractive price 👍

(Attached pic is for reference only)


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