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I traded for this cue awhile back ago when Alex was still alive. I called him and was inquiring about the cue and i wanted to have an ivory joint put in it. He told me that he made 3 of these cues for a guy in Alaska. Two of them had ivory and one had stainless. At that time I asked Alex what he valued the cue at and he said he had no set value, but knew that it was sold at 900 dollars. He told me that he would put an ivory joint it to match the ivory rings, but recommended that I didn't because of the ivory's properties and went on to tell me that this cue is the only player cue he has ever made with a stainless joint. A year later, we lost Alex. My question is, what value would this cue hold? I have since put it up and play with my Diveney.
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Because of a number of circumstances only the owner can price cues of this ilk.

What is it worth to YOU?

Do you have strong hands; ie, can you hold on to it or do you need the cash to plow into something else?

i don't remember that cue, Al must have made it after he moved to Nashville, what type of joint screw does it have?

Best, adam


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I’m definitely interested in buying the cue if its for sale...please message me if it is,thank you,jason.

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Seems to me if it sold for $900 that ought to be about what it is worth.
The cuemaker passed away, though, so there aren't ever going to be any more made. Based on this fact alone I'd personally appraise the cue at about 50% more than the original sale price, or ~$1350. Assuming there are no defects or notable flaws I would consider this a fair valuation.