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If this posts right, one of the totally fake images has instructions on the right side that tell how to use this image as a training aid for aiming. Another image can (hopefully) be copied and used for desktop wallpaper. The other is suitable for 81/2" x 11" printing. (I designed it. No copyright or any of that stuff.) The vivid imagery helps to etch it, section by section, into your memory for easy recall.

I posted this here because I didn't know where else to post it, or if it's even worth posting.


  • Aiming Reference - with Instructions.png
    Aiming Reference - with Instructions.png
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  • Aming Reference - Stylized2.png
    Aming Reference - Stylized2.png
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  • Aming Reference - Stylized.png
    Aming Reference - Stylized.png
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