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I haven't posted on AZB in a while so last week when I posted most of my cue collection up for sale as I'm having spine reconstruction surgery and I was informed that the old days of posting mystery cues and cues with no prices or photos was not allowed any more.

I immediately responded by saying I was unaware and asked for an admin or moderator to remove my post which they did.

I spent the last week putting together individual posts with all relevant info and photo links and even purchased a Gold membership to allow me to put that many cues up at once.

I spent almost 2 hours posting those cues and I was surprised to not hear back from anyone.

The only 2 posts that came in were from a member stating I violated the rules by not posting photos and another member clarifying that all photos were sent with a link.

I checked today and not one of my 9 cues I put up for sale are posted any more.

What am I doing wrong? Should I not get a notice from a moderator or admin that my posts had an issue and had to be removed?

I'm all for the changes that hopefully continue to make this the greatest billiards resource on the planet but this is getting pretty crazy when you can't even post a cue for sale without all this criteria and minutia!


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I'll be brief...some time ago, the mods updated their rules/guidance for posting cues for sale. It was encouraged that all members (especially the new members) read these rules prior to selling billiard related items. Assuming one read the rules/guidance prior to posting a sale, if it does not comply with the established rules/guidance, your thread would be removed without notification.

Your Post(s) is not the only one, so it is not personal vendetta against you. I would go back and re-read those rules/guidance and then try a second time, Also, you may be better off posting all those cues on one thread as well.

Hope this helps and good luck with your sale(s) and your surgery.
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I agree with Tony. I saw your FS threads and even clicked on a few of them. It is obvious that you put a lot of time in but imo they still felt a bit reader unfriendly. And yes, consolidating, for instance all Meuccis in one thread and all Erwins in another would make for A better presentation and be more manageable, imo.

When I've had multiple similar items to sell at once, typically I would lay them out on a pool table (or wherever) with numbered pool balls and have corresponding descriptions that include details on condition and specs and, of course, pricing. This provides potential buyers with all the info and pics they should need to help them decide whether or not to proceed. This method is easier for you to manage, as well, compared to posting many individual threads.

Best of luck with your sales and and even more so with your surgery

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You literally took up the whole first page of the For Sale section with your posts. You should try combining them to show consideration for your fellow posters. GL with your sales.


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Let me be more direct…..Why are you posting a new thread on the for sale forum
when there is nothing listed in your thread for sale or trade? Your comments are
better suited for the Main Forum. This one isn’t for expressing views or questions.

BTW, on November 24, 2022, Cleiton Rocha posted that for sale must have photos
or it will be deleted. You had 9 individual cue for sale listings. It takes a lot more effort
to view the cues than if these cues and photos were consolidated and posted in 1-2
F/S sale threads as previously posted. The House Pro has a requirement for doing this.

So with the best of intentions, you are not using the for sale correctly. As earlier pointed
out, take the time to become better acquainted with the Forum’s rules for membership.
BTW, best of luck with your cue sales. There are lots of members that will help you post
photos if you require any assistance. Once you become familiar with the process, it’s easy.


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Agreed this is not the place for discussing other topics this is for sales only. Also replies in sales posts by members other than the OP is not allowed for the same reasons as ^^^^ states. Just a reminder.