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  • Hey Brian saw your post on the member looking for a Joss or Meucci, Can you send me pics/info on the Meucci original if he has no interest?

    443 223-7785
    Hi Brian, hope you are well. Thanks for the positive post in Jeff's thead. Did you see Snowmon34 trying to stir the pot? What a tool!!!
    Thanks for the greenie bomb! I couldn't tell why Niels was swinging his hand at the table...I thought he was pissed at the layout. Instead, he was waving in the 9 ball. What a horrible time to move away from the "above table" camera. LOL
    I’m a little confused as I see you have two similar TS cues. Also, there appears to be a difference to me if you send a payment request vs. an invoice as I can only use PayPal on the latter. What are the shaft dimensions and is the price good for my choice? In your opinion which is a better player? The ivory or as joint. Also, what are the shaft dimensions of both. It’s a little hard for me as I am out of town on busiiness and using my tablet. Both in near mint and straight condition? Sorry for any confusion.
    Hey....Wait 'til you try my new Revo BK Rush breaker! I gained 4mph on my break without changing a thing with my stroke!
    Hi Brian, Got a cool purchase today...a set of Aramith Tournaments from Pool Table Magic. They were used in the World Tournament. Mark sent a great note along with them saying they were used only five or six games played by the world's greatest players. Kinda cool. I paid $225 which was a great price. I don't think they want me to tell others what the price was though but I thought you'ld like hearing it. Mitch
    Hey remember that post last week about the SW cue. I think there might be something going on, do you have the original email he sent to you? I can't find the post. I did try to buy it to see what would happen. I used paypal credit and paid via invoice, so not worried about not getting my money. I just want to week out this guy if it is a scam and let everyone know. He has been responding to me via emails which is strange if he is scamming. But so far he has sent two packages ( or his girlfriend has) to wrong addresses.
    Sorry, I don't know when I get rep. I guess there is a button that tells you when someone sent you rep points? Anyway, thanks for the comments on my avatar cue. I play with it about every day. No, Klein didn't make it. Some guy outta Brooklyn made it back around 1963. Thanks again! Dan
    Just wanted to say thanks for watching 8 for Vegas!

    It was a lot of fun to make. I wish we would have gone and made a third season, but it wasn't in the cards.

    Anyway, thanks for watching, and for mentioning it on the boards!

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