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American Rotation Scorekeeper APP (google play $3... best used on a tablet or larger screen device)
....Joe Tucker - updated April 24, 2014…. Get this~!!
GET THIS APP.. this makes The All New American Rotation SCORE KEEPING a breeze... Also the AmRo rules are included include in this App.

Android .. or here:

iPhone on itunes..

Also this one works on a KINDLE...

This is not a pool game; it is a scoring application for American Rotation, a pool game invented by Joe Tucker in 2013. The game is designed to reduce the luck factor and promote improvement. For complete details and rules, log onto Joe's official website, or his American Rotation site,
Features of this application include:
• easy-to-use scoring system;
• user-specified match lengths;
• scoring of both handicapped and non-handicapped matches;
• frame history page to see scoring history of the match;
• access to the American Rotation rules and website.

New this Year in American Rotation is a shorter time frame Fast Track National Qualifiers (details tba soon) for more bracket qualifiers (and players) which brings a lot more national playoff money. Find a way to get involved in your local AmRo event series and see the benefits to your own game that this great game offers. With this $3 App there is no paperwork to keeping score and you can take a 'screen shot image' on your phone to save on your phone's Gallery and/or text message it to your local coordinator (Tournament Director). It's that Simple.

More General Info on American Rotation

If you really want to 'help pool' then Support a game that promotes equality on EVERY Rack and engages players and rewards them for the practice necessary to get better. Make a difference in pool... help us help each other. This is what Joe Tucker has done with American Rotation. If you're not familiar with this game, the links below will get you update. 'The game was introduced to help make Americans more competitive'. This games' format can appeal to a larger group of players looking to improve the sport and bring in healthy new interest. Is it 'the answer' to pool's torrid history? No. But it is a HUGE step forward a part of the solution pool NEEDs going forward.

American Rotation is a fresh take on a traditional game, created by Joe Tucker. The rules are simple. Players from all levels see it benefiting their other games as well. yes it also can be handicapped very efficiently so everyone can engage at getting better at their own game instead of simply admiring the 'job challenged' pool specialist knock each other down.

American Rotation the only game offered today that can neutralize the differences in equipment across the country (at least the top 20% of the better equipment) because, like a Golf tee shot everyone gets the same operatunity at the table with an alternating break format.

Joe also says: "An added bonus of American Rotation is that players appear to get along better with each other. They are focused more on the table and their opportunities, and are spending less time worried about the luck of the break and the luck of their opponent’s misses, which are now received with a smile and “Shoot again”.

Imo Pool needs supportive learning structure as well if we are going to get the younger generation into our pool rooms (away from TV’s and computer abuse) to have this sport in the future. I sayThink in terms of 'the Future of Pool' ...Think personal 'value systems' and 'sportsman like conduct' for our great sport. Introducing corrective behavior norms and proper social/professional etiquette is a must if pool is going to recover and have a future here. There is NO MONEYS being made by the organizers of American Rotation (or by ABCPL)… The American Rotation is PLAYER FUNDED and SUPPORTED as all moneys are distributed back to the player participants both locally and at the National championships... Your participation in this American Rotation event series is all about your positive contribution, attitude and dedication to bettering our sport. Its sole purpose for its existence is to try to help pool get back on its feet in the right direction in America.

Support QUALITY POOL in every possible way...and as often you can. Give your time to something that gives back instead of always taking away or tearing each other down. We will all benefit as a community if our focus and efforts are geared towards a healthier sport. I feel thatAmerican Rotation's tournament series format provide this opportunity for us to make a difference.

Randy :smile:

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