An evening with 14-1 StraightMan


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Mike and I got together again Friday night at his house and had another great time playing a few races to 100.

Game1: Mike had me down 68-52 and then ran 32 and out and continued to 58. Great run Mike!

Game 2: I played better and was leading by just a few of balls for the first part of the game. Mike grabbed the lead and with a score of 71-70, he got out in the next few innings with an 18 and out. Final score was 100-69.

Game 3: After a few misses, safeties and fouls by both of us, Mike ran 40 in the sixth inning to make it 47-6. Several innings later he lead by 97-35 and gave me a few more chances but I couldn't mount a comeback. Final score was 100-40.

Always a good time.


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Good Times

I had fun & Thanks for coming over. If we keep this up, both our games will improve. The next time you head back home to Chicago..... Dennis & the rest of the Chicago Boys better watch out....LOL
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