Andy Gilbert Custom Cue


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I am selling my Andy Gilbert custom cue only because I found another cue I have been searching for. It's been 2 years so I must sell a few new acquisitions I have.

This is a jump / break / players cue. It was built in 2014 using Murray Tucker veneers to match a sister cue Murray had made. Beyond that, I do not know much about the cue. I have a slight history of owners for the past 5 years, and since I have put it for sale I am getting lots of interest.

The cue is in great shape, 9/10 and used very lightly. I believe the shaft is about right at 12.85-13mm, I do not have a way to measure it, sorry. I know many Gilbert jump / break cues fetch less money, however, they are not nearly as customized and nice as this one.

$925 includes shipping CONUS or pick up in person at $900.


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Do you know which Murray Tucker cue this one is supposed to match?

The cue that is was supposed to match was never completed. The forearm is built but then Murray moved and to my knowledge has not setup the cue shop again.