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I bought a Rhino CF shaft last week, while they were still on sale. There were so many enablers here that it seemed like it was worth a try based on price and quality of reviews. I guess I am “old school” when it comes to equipment, my cues are an old JossWest, a Pechauer, and my main player is a Schon. A while back I tried to work my way out of the dark ages by buying a Jacoby ultra Pro shaft, to see what lower deflection was all about. That was also my first departure from a 13mm shaft, going to a 12.75mm. I liked it and it became my go to shaft. i had heard that adjusting to a CF shaft was sometimes difficult, so I was hesitant to take that step. Well, you guys gave me the incentive to go a step further, and go CF. At the same time, I decided to down size to a 12.4mm shaft, purely as an aid to shooting a cue ball off the rail.
The day it came, I was suffering from a bad case of the flu but had to try it out anyway. i had a hard time with it, and quit pretty quickly. Today I was feeling a little better, so I tried a couple racks of 9 ball. I ran out for two of three games, so my opinion went up from the first day.
My first impression is that I really like it. The hit is very consistent, and I was amazed at how smooth and slick the shaft is. I was a little worried about that based on comments. I think it will take me more time to adjust to the shaft diameter, than the shift from wood to CF.
Thank you to all those who gave their reviews and impressions of the Rhino CF shaft. They were pretty spot on and I am glad they got me to take the leap into this Century.
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It's good to hear you are happy with it. I picked one up also and feel it's a good value. I didn't find the transition too difficult from wood, at least so far. Biggest negative for me is the long taper, as I'm used to some taper.