Any Corey Justin updates


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Big difference between them from what I saw in that highlight video.

Almost every offensive low percentage shot that Corey took would have left Justin with a shot to his hole if he missed.

If Corey is going to win, he'll need a bit of luck to keep making those fliers or tighten up a bit.



IF you watched the news you'd think the bodies would be stacked to the ceiling by now, weird how that's not the case
If I did the numbers right... It would currently be a building with an interior that's slightly larger 300x300ft with a 20ft high ceiling.


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You gotta risk it to get the biscuit.
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20-19, Corey. They’re done for the night. Final session starts tomorrow at 5:00 pm EST. Looking forward to a great finish!


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Wow, what a great match.
Corey leads 20-19 racing to 24
Great commentary from Jeremy Jones and Tom Wirth.
Today's play will replay on a loop and play until they resume live Saturday.
Tune in for exciting conclusion Saturday 5pm eastern.