Any info on this would be appreciated.


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I just picked this up from FB marketplace, and am looking for some info on it/value of it. I did have a guy tell me that he thought it was an early Mike Erwin cue.


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No idea re your cue Q. :)

However, the wood is reminiscent of what got me back to cue making, hobby-wise.
I was running custom flooring for a government office job and throwing all the blistered stuff on the burn pile. But i had just barely started to get out and play pool again (about a dozen years ago, after 20 yr lapse.

Needed a cue, discovered how much they cost these days, and it occurred to me that a good chunk of that heavy, dense blistered/quilted cabriuvia would make a nice looking butt. Started saving some of it, though unfortunately the best had already gone on the scrap/burn pile. It was too much contrast in a floor, so i tended to rip off that side of boards when dimensioning them. Also, was only 4/4 thick, so the occasional 1-3/8" boards that come through anyway, were scarce. It is beautiful wood.

Anyway, that is when i started saving interesting stuff, and making occasional cues again.

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