Anybody else had Cyclop balls crack?


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They also had object ball roll-off issues. I have a 3 ball I stole from DCC that does very, very remarkable things. Either Cyclop did not have a quick fix or bad balls remained in circulation for years. If it was only one ball in 200 or 500, that's still an unacceptable level of defects for pool balls. At DCC that would mean maybe three bogus balls in play.

If you shoot hard or the ball is not turned the right way on a shot, you won't see the problem. It is a real pain to screen balls for roll-off since each ball has to be tested in multiple orientations. That's for round balls. If a ball is not round, it can be even harder to test unless you have special equipment.
I'm thinking the Hammer came down pretty hard in the earlier years. Possibly the fix was too much for the 1st owners??? IDK

I own a Cyclop Carom set and have no issues... so far, in fact I like how they play. Got them just prior to Dynasphere. Got them too and really don't see a difference between them. What I have noticed is the amount of play time b4 they need to be cleaned. They last longer on the table than the other popular brand. JMHO


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When CSI and the people running BCA events switched to Cyclop balls, pretty much everyone I know that has tables around here got them to practice/play with. They have held up pretty well, except for some obvious fading of the colors on some sets, and the broken 1 ball I shared earlier. Over the years, the 6 and 7 ball colors only got me a few times. The cyclop balls definitely skid more often than I liked. I've been using Dynaspheres lately and the cling/skid is noticeably reduced.


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The 6B is still green. I never understood how people got baffled by the colors.

I've played with several Cyclop sets in several different locations and never once had a ball roll funny. I'm not saying it never happened, just saying I've never experienced it in my many hours of play.

Their object balls were pretty good, but the cueballs were pretty bad. I especially did not like the thick clear finish they had, it looked like the ball was encased in a 1/4 inch thick clear shell and made looking and shooting at it feel weird to me.