Anyone else have a "Most Embarrassing" at the pool hall?

JB Cases
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Here's mine:

I was playing in a tournament and there were 8 players left. I was going to play in approx 30 minutes when a big gas attack hit me so I went outside, past the weed smokers, into a secluded area of the parking lot and 'let er rip'. You know the old saying, never trust a fart, well yeah you got it. I made my way back into the building trying to hide it the best I could and into the restroom. My underwear was covered, and the back of my khaki shorts had a spot 3 inches wide and six inches long. I was in panic mode.
I stuffed my underwear into the trash can as far as I could, took off my shorts and all they had was a bar of soap at the sink. There I was with a t-shirt and a pair of shoes and nothing else. When I heard someone coming on the bouncy wood floors I would duck into a stall till they left. I finally got the color out, but the shorts were soaked in the back. I got them as dry as I could with the paper towels they had, walked back to my chair and sat down. I immediately jumped up, yelling a few choice words, stating that someone had poured beer in my chair and it was all over me. The bartender threw me a towel and in front of everyone I dried my shorts, still pissed off at the imaginary person who had done this.
I lost my next match and hurried out of there, but I got away with it. :)
My list is too long but I will tell a few stories.


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Not so embarrassing for me , but i have a story.

It was Halloween and my hall was having a party later that night. We got their early, playing mid afternoon. There was this stunning blonde woman dressed in the usual sexy halloween costume. Looked to be in her mid twenties with two guys also in they mid twenties.

Every guy in the hall was watching her. She was bouncy and top kept sliding to show even more cleavage which seemed impossible. I work at not being one of those guys so i just keep playing and try to avoid making a fool of myself like every slack jawed guy in the place.

They 3 pack up and leave around 8 or so. Everyone is still staring at this woman. A fellow in his 40s approaches them and explains the hall is having a halloween party and they should stay. He can join them they can play doubles and he can teach them a bit about pool.

The woman responds loudly "I can't stay, i am only 16".

You could have heard a pin drop as every guy drooling over this girl cringed realizing their mistake. I burst out laughing, one of those heavy hard laughs that rings out in the silence. The fellow who asked them to stay was a friend of mine. He came back and told me to shut up. I laughed even harder.


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Playing the 3/4 match in the State 8 ball B division. The score is tied at 2, and we are on the last game. I had two left, one one the rail, and the other about 10 inches from the rail with the cue ball in between them. I played a masse sending the second ball two rails around the corner to the center of the table, while bringing the cueball right next to the ball on the rail. Opponent does not get a hit on his last ball, and ends up moving the ball on the rail to a position six inches from the corner pocket. I pocket the center table ball, and then completely miss the ball in front of the pocket, but manage a good hit as the cueball came of the rail. Opponent makes a good shot and then wins the match, and the tournament. He ends up in the hall of fame, where this tournament win is one of his accomplishments.

I am 6' 5', but I felt like I was six foot tall after that match.

Chili Palmer

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I could write a book on my shenanigans. I once pretended to throw the Cueball at my Brother... well I somehow let go hit him right in the face. I was like 13.

Non pool related but when I was about that age I was at a friends house (and she wasn't ugly) and she was across the room and I picked up a hammer and acted like I was going to throw it at her and the head of the hammer slipped off and flew across the room and hit her in the head! Thank god it was just a cheap 10 or 12 oz hammer.


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I hope it's okay to post a second one here.

I was in a league 8-ball match in which my opponent shot a safety on two separate occasions where the object ball was frozen to a rail and he slow-rolled the cue ball into them, both times catching no rail. I called foul the first time it happened, and of course he informed me that I hadn't called the ball frozen (although we both knew it was).

I said " got me on that rule mistake" and let it go. About two games later the very exact same thing happened, same discussion and all.

I could feel my anger building up, probably at my mistake of letting the scenario happen twice, but partially at him for being a dick about it. Out of frustration, I picked up the cue ball and threw it. It bounced off an adjoining table, through an open double-door into the bar area, and hit and shattered a mirror over the bar.

I then proceeded to pack up my cues (forfeiting the match) and leaving, promising the manager (we were friends) to atone for the damage the next time I came in. Later in the week I got a stern talking-to from the league operator (I got close to being suspended).

Needless to say, it was a very embarrassing situation.

After that whole embarrassing situation, I have never once lost my temper again playing pool.


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Tooooo many to list. Back in the mid-'80's i had a big rock(i'll leave it up to your imagination) fall out of my nose on the front table. No one noticed so i just stuck it with my finger and kept on goin'. ;)