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  • So your bad rep wasn't for what you listed. You were just being vengeful. That's phony. You're sad at best.
    Gee thanks for the bad rating over an Amazon purchase. Especially one that I had no clue where the item was coming from until nearly a week after purchase. Even tried to cancel the order once I found out, but Amazon said no. Regardless, you gave me a bad "post" rating over where I purchased something from, not because the post was bad. That's pretty sad.
    Lol. Yea i am usually one of the first to jump in a defend apa. I just come to the conclusion haters gonna hate ans nothing you say will change their minds. Logic never enters haters mjnds.
    Mania, I feel as if I should know you. My wife had ACC(adenoid cystic carcinoma) a little over 4 yrs ago. Had surgery 12/6/2012, successful. Permanently paralyzed left side of face. I put everything on hold for about 3-4 months, poker, pool, everything to take care of her. Full recovery so far.
    I am praying for both of you that everything is successful, and that you have a long and happy relationship.
    My wife, Paula and I are going on 45 yrs. Robert Newkirk
    AZB worked for KK9 last summer. remember to take care of you, so that you can take care of her. and don't let go of her hand. :cool:
    i got an email from AZB that you tried to PM me last week. i thought it was odd. maybe there are 2 of you. ;)
    Maniac's birthday is here! Hope you enjoy today to the fullest.
    thanks for the rep and compliment! I think my debating skills comes from too much time spent on Internet forums. :)
    thanks for the rep Maniac. of course, getting anyone to remotely agree on anything regarding cues would be impossible,, see ya, RJ
    Hey Man, Freddie and Albert were both Monsters in their own way. Glad to hear others dig Freddie King.
    Hey Maniac.

    First off, I love your avatar.
    secondly, I appreciate your opinions on all topics in this forum. We disagree on a few things but from what i can gather it is mainly based on personal experiences but as I said, I do respct your opinions on all the topics.
    Thirdly, my last post about lemmings was certainly not addressed to you. I apologize if that is waht you thought. I am a large league supporter and just don;t like to see all the cheap shots taken (granted some may be warranted).

    A quick question for you. I have noticed that a large number of the APA threads about players unhappy with the league come from people in Texas. Is it one L.O. or is it more than one.

    I am from the North East and we have 2 or 3 big ones who do a pretty good job but there are also a few smaller L.O. who really look after the players well. I was just curious.

    Anyway, thanks for your opinions on the forums and your time you put in.

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