Anyone familiar with this table?


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Owner says it has some dead rails, not sure if I'll need to buy rubber or if rails are available similar to Valleys or Dynamos.





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No the rails are not like a valley or dyanmo.
But cotact penguin maanfactor and you could ship them there to replace the rubber


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I already told Sheldon about that table, but it's a Quality Coin Operated pool table, built by Baker Manufacturing in Gardena, CA. Been out of business now for about 30 years.
I would need to see more of that table, to know for sure..... But, from these photos alone, I'm fairly certain that I absolutely hate the design of that table. HA!


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One if the most solid built coin operated pool tables ever built, and playability in the top 3 for sure.
No kidding? I wouldn't have guessed..
I absolutely hate the trim strip on the top of the rails. And the diamond placement looks screwy.. But, not seeing the rest of the design, or playing on it, it's hard to make a judgment.


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Why are the "diamonds" so close to the cushions? I cant say I have ever seen that before.
Because the aluminum metal strip you see running across the rail is used as a beauty cap to cover the 3 rail bolts per rail used to bolt the rails down to the slate and frame of the table. Those are a feather stripped ring rail design and need to be recovered no different than a Diamond ring rail system.

Rail bolts, 3/8" × 16 × 3" Allen head drive, solid poplar wood rails, 3 rail bolts per rail.