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  • Glen, when recovering a Pacesetter table is there a torgue setting I should use to tighten the rails once recovered?
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    Yes, about 10ft lbs, you don't want to sink the washer any more than it's already imprinted into the wood.
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    Saw that you might have some tips for a olhausen installation. I am getting an 8 ft installed soon, do you have any advise I can pass to the installer to make the pockets play better? You mentioned just a sanding disk is needed?
    Ok I’ve got my older red label Diamond setup and leveled. The issue now is one of the cushions is about rock hard. If you were going to replace cushions without modifying the rails which cushions would you use? The table is an 8’ oversize professional model.

    Hi Glen, I am looking at buying a used table in NYC from a private party, I was wondering if you could recommend someone from this area to disassemble and move the table to Connecticut. I been following you on AZ for some years now and highly regard your knowledge and figured you might know someone in my area. Thanks
    Glen I do not post often and i am just learning how to post pictures. She, or someone else representing the tornado open altered and cashed my check. it is a longer story than that but i assure you, the more i learn to use this site, and or decide to put more effort in this. the worse it will be for her.
    Hey Glenn, Dick Edwards from Iowa. thought I'd say Hi and tell you if your ever in my neck of the woods my table is in need of a good leveling. I hope all is well with you. We lost my brother Duane to colon cancer year before last he was the one that helped with my table. Take care I hope to hear from you soon. Dick
    Hi Glen

    I completed two of your 10 ball test runs:
    4 4 4 6 2 4 4 4 6 4 = 42
    7 6 11 5 8 6 4 4 4 6 = 61
    Hey glen not sure if you remember me you reworked my 9ft medalist back in 2012 in north jersey, I'm looking to sell it so I'm not sure if you know anyone interested
    Hey glen my name is Austin Haygood. I live in southern Mississippi right in the water in Pascagoula about 30 minutes from Biloxi. Anyway first of all wanted to wish you best of health and a speedy recovery. Saw the pictures and looked rough. Here is my question. I saw you say you come to Mississippi. Do you make it anywhere along the coast? And if so how would I ever get in touch to see if you could fix up my 8 footer? Just wanted to ask your knowledge exceeds everyone and couldn't believe you would be around Mississippi. Thanks again and get well
    Hello Glen: I have to help a buddy move a 3 piece slate table, it's not my first but would like if you are still able to email me your instructions that you have posted on AZ table mechanics forum? PDF or Word, either works I guess. I am sure you have some great tips and helps in it.

    BTW, I bought a diamond pro am 9' a year ago that i was told you worked on in the past. I was told it's a 2009 ish table. I got from Aberdeen SD and Pat Martins helped move it. I am in SIOUX Falls. Someday I will need new cloth and will ask you for info on someone to do or if you could. I really like the table. It's tough though! Do you remember this table?

    Thank you! Rick Vander Weide
    Finally finished up the 2 Gold Crown 1's I took in to rebuild-post

    I saw that the gold crown was moved to the side of the room, I have a gold crown 1 at home and I was wondering how you move the table fully assembled? It has that long running piece under the table the length of the table so a jack doesn't work? I am looking to carpet the area so it will be more of a 1 time thing
    Need advice, I recently purchased a used Diamond dual platter ball cleaner. I am purchasing a replacement carpet kit from Diamond. Does the kit come with a replacement for the carpet on the sprocket? If it doesn't what material should I use for the sprocket and how should I mount it in place (glue, velcro, etc.)? Thanks in advance, Gabe
    I have a Brunswick Centurion 8 ft Pro but have always wanted a Diamond Pro-Am 7'. Communication with Diamond has been really slow and I am unsure of what to do. My space requires the 3 piece slate. Are the 3 piece Diamonds prone to problems in that area. Does Diamond deliver and install and if so are their mechanics reliable? If they only ship the table and I am responsible for the setup? Unfortunately, we don't have any mechanics in this area. After reading your are the one I would want to do it, but I don't know what all areas you cover? The thing that I don't like the most about the Brunswick is the corner pockets. I'm not sure if it is the pocket angle, the shelf depth, or both. They are wide but have a very deep shelf. It's not that I want every shot to drop regardless of accuracy but I rattle A LOT of shots and it is frustrating. Would you put the amount of money into changing the Brunswick or for that amount of money should I just invest in the Diamond?
    Hi Glen! I'm gonna be recovering my table and I want to get new cushions! I have a gc3 with pockets shimmed to 4-3/8! I don't play out much but when I usually do it's at snookers in RI. They have GC4 there and was wondering what your recommendation is for cushions are for my table! I don't know the difference between the 2 tables, and I'm very sure you do;)

    Thanks in advance
    im looking at buying a gold crown. am i able to send you the rails alone and have you recalibrate and tighten them. or do you need to be at the table?
    Hello Sir

    I respect your trade and opinion. I have a Brunswick Medalist 9 foot table. I had to take it down due to divorce and I am now remarried and putting it back up. I noticed that when it was up the rails were not very lively, and were not from the time that the table was given to me.

    This time before i put the table back up i want to replace the rails. The question that I have is what profile are the rails on that table.(K55?) I pulled the cloth off on the end rail and it is an original Brunswick Super Speed rail. Should I go back to that same rail. The set is about 154.00 dollars which in the big scheme of things isnt that bad. I have seen less expensive ones but you often get what you pay for. I also know the price can also come along with a brand name as well. If you could direct me on what profile and or a replacement brand I would be in your debt sir. Thanks again
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