Anyone tried the OB Quake break shaft?


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I'm looking at getting a my first break cue and my player cue is an OB, so why not?

Curious if anyone has tried the Quake shaft? It seems like a mix of the aftershock and shockwave shafts. Its reinforced inside but has a leather tip.

Also any input on the aftershock or shockwave shafts is welcome as well.



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I've been using a Quake shaft for about six months. I really like the feel of it and am happy with it.

The Odega tip lasted about four months,. A large chunk of it cracked off when I broke. It was right after someone knocked my case over, so assumed it was damaged when it hit the floor. I'm now using a Kamui break tip. I switched because I had a Kamui tip already, the Odega to was fine.

The ferrule has developed some discoloration that I am not able to clean off, it hasn't bothered me.