Anyone try jumping with this???


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Seems Sketchy. If they are original Predator shafts, I doubt they jump very well. Because of the low deflection, it makes jumping not so easy. He may have altered the shaft in some way to make it better. My question: How did he build up the Predator shaft (if it is that) to make it the diameter of a normal jump cue.

My take: I wouldn't buy this, unless this guy lived in my home town and I could try it out first...OR if he had a money back guarantee (shipping and all)


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I've got one..........

I've have one of these and it works well to get up and over. It has to be used like a spear and not held like a cue. It gets up and over but the acuracy isn't as good as a regular jumper.



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macguy said:
I doubt it would work that well. With say a 19 oz cue the butt is at least 15 ounces and with the short shaft say another 1 1/2 to 2 ounces. The cue would be too heavy no matter how you look at it.

So true a real jump cue weighs in at about 8oz.. I would think that crooked shafts should be used in the fireplace not cut in half referruled and tipped and called a jump cue.:rolleyes: :eek:
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jump shaft

At the S.D. state 9 ball tourney this year Dale? Chilton was there showing his jumper with a phenolic tip/ferrel combo on each end, has a short and long section with the short being able to fit on a predator bk with uni-lock. Im not really a gimmick guy but was impressed with the way it jumped, especially long jumps with short shaft and my predator butt. After returning home i found out one of my teammates bought one and has been having alot of luck with it so far. I see the listing is from minnesota and i think chilton is from Wisconsin (maybe a tie in some way)

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I have treid this type of short jump shafts about 5 years ago. The shaft I tried was made by Mezz of Japan. It was build to fit a Mezz cue and was sold as an option to a Mezz jump break cue or breaking cue. It was a popular idea for a little while. I doubt if Mezz is still build those short shafts now. I think the interest sort of diminished over the years.