APA 3 point 8Ball scoring ?


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I dunno if I go along with all of your analysis, but you allude to something that could be interesting, though we'll never know "for sure"....

Will hill-hill results, and shut-outs, be factored into The Equalizer?

(For the record, if they're tweaking The Equalizer, I would love to see the number of ball-in-hands a player had in the match added to the formula somehow. The 2 on my 9-ball team ran over a 4 in our tri-cups recently, and the other team captain was howling about her being too lowly rated. He howls a lot regardless, heh. He wasnt watching the match closely though, and his player was so nervous she kept fouling or missing completely, so it wasn't difficult for my player to win handily, with all the BIH's she had.)


Gives us something to talk about, at least.

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We honestly had very few of these type situations come up. Most matches ended either 3/0 or 2/0, there were of course the hill, hill matches and those matches were important but most came from situations were we matched a 2 or 3, against a 5 or 6 where they only need 1 game to actually get on the hill. So though possible I really don't think you'll see that scenario ever really happen, to many chances for blow out's in my opinion. I don't think anyone would ever match up 3 low level players like that hoping they would win 1 game, to much to loose if they get shutout, the match could end up 15/0.

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We are using it currently

Our league has been using this for this session and it seems to make sense in the fact that you have a reason to run out on someone. However I feel like as you guys are saying that you need to have an incentive to win the majority of the matches. It doesn't make sense to me that you can only win 2 matches and still win the overall match. I feel they should somewhere put a bonus in for winning 3 of the matches or somehow make an adjustment. I think they have the theory right. I just don't think they have the solution correct. For the session I think it works fine because it is a cumulative over a long session. However, I want to know when it comes to the nationals how well it is received. I think the idea that you can loose the first 3 matches and still come back and win the match is a little messed up. We are scoring it like this in the sessions, yet in the "City Playoffs" we are going to go back to the regular scoring method. It is these upper level tournaments in which I feel this to not work and I don't have the answer.