Archived/Televised Billiards Matches


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Having the topic come up in several recent threads and over the years as well brings up a good question. Would anyone know ways and/or best ideas for getting a hold of old Billiard archived matches from say ABC World Wide of Sports/ESPN?

I have tracked it down to a link for ordering archived material, but seems to only be for businesses/projects. Have an idea for a project, run a business with a purpose for them? It is such a shame many of these great matches sit on a reels and/or servers somewhere, and we can't enjoy them and show them to the furture generations.:mad: Matches like US Open 14.1 Lassiter vs Balsis, Lassiter vs Mizerak etc... I know all of which exist as they were televised, now just how to get them :smile:

The link for the ESPN archives (including ABC Wide World of Sports which ESPN bought).

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I think it's a matter of distribution rights. They don't want to give the stuff away and have someone try to sell it.

Has anyone ever tried to get the rights to this stuff? How much would it cost? I can't classic pool footage is that lucrative, though probably more than any one person can afford and more than is cost effective for Accu-Stats.