Are the best pool players also the most intelligent?


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There is a difference between wisdom, which is knowledge acquired over a period of time, i.e., how to punctuate and spell as an example, and intelligence quotient. 😉

I happen to agree that some of the *best* pool players I have met do happen to have a high degree of intelligence quotient, meaning they have the capability to grasp onto a concept much quicker than others. :)

Jimmy Reid, as one example, received the highest SAT in his State. If you were ever to talk to Jimmy Reid or even Mike Sigel, as an example, it is revealing how quick their brains work. This is why you cannot get a word in edgewise sometimes. :grin-square:

Why do some pool players achieve perfection? Well, the only way to get there, as has been shared with me, is to hit thousands of balls daily, day after day, week after after, month after month, year after year. Practice each shot over and over again until you get it first try. Develop an arsenal of shots, so that when they come up during a match, you can shoot them with authority. :p

How fast a pool player gets to this level does, in my opinion, have a lot to do with intelligence quotient. They may seem dumb as a doornail to rocket scientists, but if they were to travel the same path as that rocket scientist, they just might have ended up becoming a rocket scientist. Conversely, if the rocket scientist were to take up pool, they just might achieve proficiency much faster than someone with a lower intelligence quotient. :eek:

Practice makes perfect, but some don't have to practice as long as others. I think this is true in most endeavors, whether it is learning how to play a guitar or how to pocket pool balls. :cool:
I read a quote from some famous person who said to be the best at something you first have to be a slave to it. I think a lot of pool players are that way, to hit thousands upon thousands of balls is amazing to me.