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Hello fellow AZer's,

Up for sale is my Arnot Blue Angel Cue. I bought it new when I was in Florida many years ago. It's been test hit only and been a closet queen its whole life. Gorgeous colours, subtle and not over the top but a real players cue.

I know Arnots cues have a following and are known to play great.

As described on his website:

This wonderful classic custom pool cue features everything you need to play your best plus get the attention of every other player in the room.

- A Seasoned piece of Bird's Eye Maple with a lot of figure.
- African Blackwood Points and Butt Sleeve.
- Four veneers (white-blue-white-black) bordering the Points. Perfectly mitered and even.
- Ivory Joint and Rambo Ring in Butt Sleeve.
- A Brown Teja Lizard Wrap
- One Terminator T3 Shaft (the T3 shaft has slight taper roll but nothing that affects playability)
- Ivory Ferrule
- Moori Tip
- 18oz together (butt 14.2 oz, T3 shaft is 3.8oz, EB shaft is 3.7 oz)

I'm also adding a custom EB shaft that is brand-new fitted to the cue with matching rings. ($300 addition) I had this shaft made because I was going to make the cue my dedicated player and preferred the EB shaft over the T3.

Now I have a few other custom cues on order and figured I'd make room in the collection.

Asking $1500

Thanks for looking.

I don't know why I can't get my pic's to upload....pm me and I can send via email. :cool:



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More Pic's.....

Okay, here are some more pic's of the cue......

It is very sharp, subtle and not too over the top.


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