Art Cantando * Blue Book Cue


12 hours left !

Art Cantando made less than 120 cues in his lifetime and was a protege of Barry Szamboti. His cues are rare and difficult to find.

This cue is in the BLUE BOOK 3rd edition colored pictures pages... I was told it was built in Barry Szamboti's shop...

Bubinga wood
Micarta points with turquoise inlays
Matching irish linen wrap.
Phenomenal Ring Work
This cue is an extremely nice find and is in like new condition
If you are a collector, this could be your chance to get an ultra rare cue

3x8/10 pin

BUTT: 14.8oz
Shaft1: 3.7oz - 12.42mm
Shaft2: 3.8oz - 12.43mm