AZB Suggestion: Help with Memorial Fund


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AZB Suggestion: Setting Up Memorial Fund for our passed away Friends

I am sure you're tired of suggestions. I am tired of reading them also. But, I believe that this is a worthy cause.

A couple recent threads led me to this idea. And I know that AZB is a business. But,
AZB may be in the best position to make this successful. Lately, we have seen the loss of several great (not just players) but members of our pool-playing family! Lots of memories. Why not create a Memorial Fund that everyone can contribute to honor their memories. The funds to go to the future of the game. The funds would not be enough for your own individual cause. But, something like sending young people to BCA Junior Nationals or gifts towards college scholarships for promising young pool players. All with the theme of honoring our past to invest in the future.

This could allow members to both honor our family members (pool-playing family) for their past memories and donate to worthy causes. You could develop small badges (with the honoree's pic or catch phrase) for donating members to display under their usernames or in the signature lines.

Most people would be relunctant to trust just anybody with a donation. But, I believe that people trust AZB, along with a few trusted members, to manage this.
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