AZB'ers in the Fargo area?


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Basically we don't have any real great pool halls in the area so a couple teammates and I are going to make a trip to Fargo Billiards one of these weekends coming up.

We aren't sure when yet but I'm just wondering about some members that play out of there incase any of you can make it to meet up and shoot a few. We are making the trip just to shoot pool all weekend in a nice room so we will pretty much be there late Friday all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday, whatever weekend we come. Shoot me a pm if you are in the area or post here and I'll update when we get it planned. It would be cool to meet some other members here.

Also, I wouldn't mind some recommendations for a decent hotel at a decent price in the area. :)


Moorhead Billiards

Check out another room called Moorhead Billiards. I know they have a Friday Night 8 ball tournament at 630pm. If they get 16 players it pays 200.00 for 1st place!
It's like a players room, old style pool hall with new Diamonds.
Good drinks and food.
I can't believe SF doesn't have a pool hall, I guess we are spoiled having two quality rooms in Fargo/Moorhead.