AZers in the denver area.......


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Meeting up with some friends at Greenfields on Wednesday 14th for some free pool food and fun. I'll be there a little before 4, until 9 or so. Thought I would shoot out an invite and see what happens. I'm the bald guy with 1" holes in his ears and tattoos, kinda hard to miss.

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AZ'er cuesblues lives in the area. He is awesome. You should contact him if you will be in the area.


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Thanks Tony

I was playing on 2-teams at Greenfields until my recent "disability"

Right now people are subbing for me but I am playing again, and hope to be back at Greenfields soon.

If anyone wants my phone number pm me.
I have to start moving things out of my mothers condo on Wednesday but I've been playing a little at Table Steaks.