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Up for sale is a nice custom sneaky by Jason Babin, cuemaker in CT. Included in this sale is a cue and two shafts one maple and one purpleheart to match the cue. The handle is solid purpleheart and the points are purpleheart. The remaining forearm is curly maple. The pin is 3/8 x 10.

Shaft 1: solid hard rock maple, 13 mm tip. One layered tip (unknown brand)

Shaft 2: Purpleheart, 13 mm tip, one layered tip (unknown brand)
I've played with this for a cue for about 3 years but with a different shaft so these shafts are basically untouched other than test hit. Shafts fit snug with joint and roll dead straight together and apart.
Asking $350 OBO for the lot.
This cue is up for sale on ebay because my paypal is not cooperating right now and I don't know how to resolve it


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Not exactly sure, my guess would be anywhere from 18.5 - 19.0. I will not be able to sell these on azbilliards with a paypal payment because my paypal is not working. I have this cue on ebay for $350 currently. If you are serious about buying the cue, give me a number and I'll see what I can do
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I tried locating it on eBay so I could tell my buddy who is still looking for a travel cue but I couldn’t locate your cue.