Back to School Once More


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So I'm back in High School and as usual I'm confused and can't find my classes etc but i find a pad of 'excuse forms' for class absences and i figure I'll just use these and forget about English for a while. I do so for at least half the year.

Time goes by and I finally decide to begin attending classes-at least one anyway, and to my surprise English is being given by a no beard-still-in-his -prime David Letterman!

Letterman doesn't ask for the excuse form which i haven't filled out anyway but he hands me an old looking mimeographed piece of paper which i don't see any use for and immediately tear it up into about 8 pieces.

At the next desk to me is a sharply dressed girl whom i use to work with in real life at the County, named Marie. Like myself, Marie is way beyond High School age. She is in deep concentration and writing feverishly on this piece of paper.

Meanwhile Letterman keeps coming by my desk, talking personally to me and mentions a few times how attractive Marie is and finally asks "Is Marie Chinese?" Well Marie is no more Chinese than i am -looks more WASPY than anything. I just decide to ignore his question which this dream allows and Dave just goes back to his desk at the front.

In back of me, unsolicited, this guy recites out loud for the whole class to hear, a line from Dustin Hoffman's Little Big Man in Dustin's character's voice. It's pretty good. Then immediately with the fellow seated next to him they start doing this Indian Chant or song. It is very melodic and they are harmonizing perfectly going up and down the scale with great skill. They finish up and i am expecting the class to burst into applause but total silence and regular class life just goes on.

Soon Marie finishes her work and flashes a completed test to me which is on the paper Letterman handed me which i tore up. She hands it in. I start to panic and begin getting the torn up test together and bumble up to Letterman to tell him i misunderstood the purpose of the paper he gave me, and ask if i can copy my scotch taped test and take the test now?

"Mr Letterman" points to a steep staircase which leads to another section of the room and says "They are taking the test privately up there, you can go ahead and join them" Then he whispers to me "and you can get the answers up there too" I tell him "I know the answers", which is a complete bluff.

So up this dangerous narrow more-like-a-ladder staircase i go when i run into Mr T who is blocking my way both with his body and a gold chain he has strung across the way. I don't say a word to him and just stand there. After a minute he grumbles, relents and moves aside and i move up and into the official 'private test area'.

Nothing much happens up here and i am still trying to locate a copy of the test when i wake up which was like 30 minutes ago- the only reason i remember this mess.