Barioni Cue ... 6 months review


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I have been using my Barioni cue for just a little over six months and am giving an updated review. My original review can be found at this link

To sum it up in a nutshell this cue is frigging awesome. It has improved my game considerably. It hasn't turned me into a pro but in two BCA leagues over the last 6 months I placed 1st as top player in one and second in the other. I have also placed 1st(along with my partner) in several scotch doubles tournaments. John's cue gives me the confidence I need to be competitive with my peers. With this cue I am more consistent with all my shots while making a considerably higher percentage of the harder shots that I normally missed with my Schon/Predator cue. I attribute my success with this cue to the super low deflection properties and taper of the shaft. As the deflection is less than a Predator I have a greater speed range before squirt starts to take effect. This allows me to do two things vs a higher deflecting cue. First I dont have to adjust my aim for the huge majority of my shots when using english. Second I can use more power without adjusting my aim when I need to move the cueball several rails for shape. The cue also produces all the english I need by placing the edge of the tip on the verticle centerline of the cueball. I did initially have a problem drawing the cue ball as well as I did with my Schon but it ended up being a simple matter of adjusting my stroke. The Master taper on the shaft gives a more consistent feel throught the length of the stroke.

As John's cue has passed the test of time with me with amazing results I can whole heartedly endorse it without reservations. If you are already a low deflection fan or are looking to go low then you need to check out his cues if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one. As I mentioned in my initial review I would be glad to let anyone in the Phoenix area shoot a rack with my cue to verify it's low deflection qualities. Just shoot me a PM if interested.
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