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Personally I'd say I love the game but couldn't give a hoot about commercialized sports. Snooker is a thing I do to get AWAY from the "idiot box " .. ;-)

One doesn't need to watch porn and spend lots of time discussing it, to enjoy good sex.. it might even give you a complex ;-)
Does that mean you have no interest in watching the top players?


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I sometimes like watching some of the older matches just to see the pro level game play but professional televised sports are just not my thing, over half the time is spent watching commercials.

Sometimes they are on where we play and Ill of course watch it if its on a screen near me. I'm more interested in the momentary strategy of their shots, than any particular pro player. Going to one live, I'd enjoy more I think.

my preference is for things I can watch and learn something and commercialized TV is usually not very informative, I'll watch news and things to keep up on politics or local news, Some things like tutorials on different things, pool sure, and cars, car repair videos, and I have other interesting hobbies. I have a lot of projects of different kinds and like using my hands. sitting through a bunch of car commercials just isn't my thing.