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  • I don't often look at these messages. Try a PM or send email to
    Bob Jewett
    Bob Jewett
    I don't usually read messages here, so it is better to send me a PM or email. -- Bob
    I was wondering if you had a copy of Hal Mix's book you would be interested in selling.
    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Bob
    Do you still have the "rags to rifleman" book?
    I would be interested...
    I'd be interested in both for $375 if you want. Are they in good condition?


    Hey Bob, do you know of any published official rules for Irish pool/backwards pool? Any help is appreciated.
    Hi Bob
    I was wondering if you can help me. I remember this rule was in the bca book. Here is the rule in question."If a player has committed a foul on the shot immediately before or the shot immediately after playing this ball, then he must immediately meet the requirements of the "Frozen Ball" rule when playing this object ball. Also, if he has committed two consecutive fouls, he must immediately meet the requirements of the "Frozen Ball" rule when playing this object ball. If such player fails to meet the requirements of the "Frozen Ball" rule, he is considered to have committed a third successive foul and the appropriate point penalty is assessed as well as one point for each of the previous fouls. All fifteen balls are then re-racked and the player committing the infraction is required to break as at the beginning of the game.)
    I dont see this rule in the wpa or the bca anymore. Was this removed in the 2008 update.Thanks

    Just one more thing. To offer the balls to Shane knowing that he did not own them makes iteven worst. I will not post on this subject and will continue to enjoy the possitive subjects in your forum. Ya'll have a great site. Bob
    Bob, I'm not going to post anymore about this subject but here is the confirmation leter I wrote Barry on the 18th of August.
    This letter is to confirm our conversations on Friday of my intentions to purchase the "TV Table" at this year's U. S Open....... As requested I am enclosing a certified check for $***** for deposit. The total price as quoted was $****, leaving a balance of $***to be paid at a later date. If I remember our conversation, the table will be signed by many of the pros and you would through in the ball set and rack used on that table. If I have stated anything incorrectly, please let me know. I look forward to attending my first U.S. Open...and in meeting you. My contack info is below. Best regards, Bob Baker If Barry new he did not own the balls he could of cleared this up at anytime before the end of the finals.
    Hi Bob,

    I spoke to Dee. Bob does have "stuff" that you may be interested in. That "stuff" is down in Florida. She leaves back for Florida right after Thanksgiving. We can follow up at that time.


    Hello you comment on my post earlier and put a picture.....well they weren't the same and I put a picture of the set I have. I heard you are an expert so I was asking if maybe you knew anything by that picture?
    Hi Bob. Was over J.Tucker's a few weeks ago. He mentioned you have a template for making paper "magic racks" using hole re-enforcers. I can't find it, could you provide a link? Thanks! -Nate
    There is no similar method that works well for draw shots because the amount of draw relative to speed is much harder to get right. The best you can do is to practice particular shots where you are controlling both the cue ball and object ball distances on draw shots. I have a drill for that somewhere.
    Bob -
    Recently read your article Cut to the Chase from an old BD. It has helped me a lot. I was wondering if there is a similar method for determining cueball travel on a draw shot. I can use Dr Daves 30 degree finger method, and find it to be accurate - but I would prefer a method along the lines of your above mentioned article.
    Love your articles on Billiards Digest! Don't want to give my age away, but I have read every one of them (I also saved the PDF's). Great job!
    If you ever get to Central FL, drop me a line!

    Thanks for your advice on my post about learning the game of billiards. I will surely get that book as I don't have it now. I really find it to be an interesting game and eager to learn and play it. Any additional information you may have will be greatly appreciated, such as cues, etc. Thanks again.
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