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PDC World Darts Championship: Barry Hearn on how darts could rival golf

Quotes .

"We concentrated on increased prize money," says Hearn.

"Around 2003 or 2004, I suddenly started seeing overseas sales, interest from companies to sponsor events, the internet was growing. Most of it comes down just to bloody mindedness and hard graft.

"I built a team behind me that felt the same - here is a game that millions play all over the world. They've never really had a sustainable plan which says we are going to be a major global sport."

"We are coming up to nearly a year of not using walk-on girls at our events in the UK," he says.

"When I look at having women in the World Championship - two qualified women played this year - it's probably another step in the sport maturing and growing up into the real world. It inevitably has new rules to it.

"We don't have a women's championship, and the men. There is one championship and it is a level playing field for everyone. It is purely about ability."

"I have a clear, concise plan of where this sport is going and that is globally," says Hearn.

"We will see China develop a major darts involvement and there's a lot of people in China."

"There's a lot of money in China. We are seeing India, Pakistan, Bangladesh picking up darts. We are not a UK sport, we are a global sport and as such we are looking at expanding into north America, to south America, we've opened a small office in China.

"I don't see any reason at all why darts shouldn't be the same size as professional golf."

"We have been super successful, but we haven't reached the end game yet," he says.

Emperor Hearn has made a nice little earner from the world of Darts ! :cool:;):smile::thumbup:


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Pdc stars will play for record-breaking amount of £14 million prize money in 2019

Emperor Barry Hearn quotes :

“This is another huge step forward for players on the PDC circuit,” said PDC Chairman Barry Hearn.

“We had already expanded the World Championship to 96 players an record levels of prize money and announced that all 128 Tour Card Holders will compete in the UK Open, and it’s fantastic to increase prize money across our other Premier events and the European Tour.

“A PDC Tour Card really now is a Golden Ticket, and unprecedented rewards are now available for successful players.

“We’ve already seen an increased field at the European Qualifying School and are all set for a hugely competitive UK Qualifying School later this month ahead of an eagerly-anticipated 2019 on the PDC circuit.”


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Barry Hearn Brands New Challenge Tour Format “Dumb”

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The proposed change to the Challenge Tour in snooker has been labelled as a “dumb decision” by Barry Hearn.

Challenge Tour in snooker
Hearn has been in charge of the commercial arm of the sport since 2010. Photo credit: World Snooker

World Snooker chairman Hearn was responding on social media after a wave of criticism followed Monday’s announcement of a new play-off system.

Rather than granting two-year tour cards to the top two performers of the series, as was the case during this season’s inaugural staging of the secondary circuit, a total of 16 players from the final Order of Merit list after the completion of ten events will advance to a play-off tournament.

The latter event will then result in the two finalists being awarded with the coveted Main Tour spots.

There was an immediate backlash from players and fans alike, with many pointing to the fact that the new system was potentially rewarding mediocrity – something that Hearn has always vehemently campaigned against.

Mark Allen stated that it was “very disappointing for amateur snooker” while Joe Perry called it a “terrible decision”.

Amateur players like Steven Hallworth, Sydney Wilson, and Barry Pinches were among those who expressed their concerns.

Hope of a potential reversal remains, though, as Hearn suggested that a rethink was possible.

Mark Allen

· Mar 26, 2019
Replying to @BarryHearn @DavidKay147
I can vouch for the fact that you listen boss man but think there’s been a boo boo made on this one

Barry Hearn

So do I. Dumb decision so let me review with my colleagues.

4:18 PM - Mar 26, 2019
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The majority of players who commented didn’t have much of an issue with the implementation of a play-off itself, rather the complete disregard for the competitors who produce strong results throughout the campaign and finish top of the standings.

A balance between one or two automatic positions and an additional spot being awarded from the play-offs could be a more appropriate compromise.

The Challenge Tour in snooker was launched last year in a bid to increase the levels of competitive snooker among the amateur ranks.

English duo Brandon Sargeant and David Grace topped the order of merit standings and were granted with two-year tour cards that will commence next season.

However, the initiative wasn’t without its teething problems and of particular concern was the low entry numbers into the majority of the ten tournaments.

The same number of events will be staged on the 2019/20 Challenge Tour, with six set to be held in the UK and four across Europe.

Like last time, there will be £10,000 worth of prize money on offer from each event.

As things stand, in order for players to have a chance of taking part they must first enter the 2019 Q School, with entries for that competition closing on Wednesday at 12pm.


Quote .

Wednesday 27 Mar 2019 09:21AM
Our announcement earlier this week about the structure for the 2019/20 Challenge Tour has prompted discussion among professional and amateur players. Taking this feedback on board and with due consideration, we have decided to amend the criteria for winning the two available World Snooker Tour Cards.

The player who finishes top of the Challenge Tour rankings after ten events will be awarded a Tour Card. The next eight players in the rankings with go into a play-off event, with the winner of that event to receive the second Tour Card. The draw for the play-off will be seeded with the player highest in the Challenge Tour rankings drawn against the eighth highest, and so on.

All other details for the 2019/20 Challenge Tour remain as previously announced.

It will include six events in the UK and four in Europe. Snooker clubs and federations will be given the chance to bid to host events. Clubs do not need to use Star tables but those in the UK must be affiliated to the WPBSA’s 147 Club scheme. The prize money for each event will be £10,000.

The field for events will be made up as follows:

UK Events
• The top 56 players from the 2019 Q School ranking list
• Eight Wildcards, to be selected with the intention to promote the development of grassroots talent
• If necessary, the last-64 round will then be topped up with players on the Q School ranking list

European Events
• The top 56 players from the 2019 Q School ranking list. All 56 will be directly entered into the last 64.
• Eight Wildcards, to be selected with the intention to promote the development of grassroots talent.
• An unlimited number of further entrants will compete in pre-qualifying stages, playing down to the available places in the last 64.

The two available World Snooker Tour Cards will be for the 2020-21 and 2021-22 seasons.

Further details including the dates and locations of the events will be confirmed when available.

Q School 2019 takes places in Wigan in May with 12 World Snooker Tour cards available. The closing date for entry is THIS WEDNESDAY March 27 at 12pm. For all details click here


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Barry Hearn Announces Million Pounds Pot for 147 Breaks

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"Barry Hearn has announced that there will be a potential bonus of a million pounds pot for 147 breaks during the 2019/20 snooker campaign.

million pounds pot for 147 breaks
The World Snooker chairman was in energetic form as normal. Photo credit: World Snooker

In his annual press conference at the Crucible Theatre during the World Snooker Championship, the World Snooker chairman also revealed that Betfred will be the title sponsor of the blue riband tournament for another two years.

Additionally, Hearn said that from next season the World Snooker Championship will revert to a tiered qualification system.

There will also be four extra spots attributed to May’s Q School – bringing the total number of graduates to 16 – while it was confirmed that legend Jimmy White will receive another two-year tour card.
However, perhaps most interesting was the news that there will be a potential bonus of a millions pounds pot for 147 breaks during the next term.

For the last few years, the sport has adopted a rolling 147 break prize, starting at £5,000 and escalating in each ranking event in which a maximum isn’t compiled.

But from next season, that system will be scrapped in favour of an eye-catching incentive to get players to score even more heavily than is currently the case.

Should a minimum of 20 players construct the perfect frame throughout the entire campaign, all of those competitors will share the million pounds pot for 147 breaks.

That means if it is made by 20 different players, they will each share a tidy sum of £50,000 at the climax of the 2019/20 period.

Presumably, if a player makes more than one maximum, he will be awarded with a greater share of the jackpot.

There has never been this many accumulated in a single season with just a dozen 147 breaks being made during 2018/19 so far.
Barry has also announced a new £1m pot next season for 147 breaks - if there are at least 20 maximums next season then the players will share the pot.

1:17 PM - May 1, 2019
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Meanwhile, the other notable announcement regarded the changes to next year’s qualification for the World Snooker Championship.

Not since the 2014 edition has a variation of the tiered system been utilised but that traditional method is to return in twelve months.

From 2020, the 16 WPBSA amateur invites will enter in the opening round alongside the 48 lowest ranked players from the Main Tour’s tally of 128.

The 32 winners will face players ranked from number 49 to number 80 in the pecking order, with those victors finally facing off against the players ranked from 17 to 48 – across two final rounds.

It means that there is a greater reward for finishing higher up the rankings as was previously the case, when formidable players like Ali Carter and Graeme Dott were forced to emerge from three hurdles in qualifying to reach the Crucible.

Elsewhere, there was no great deal of surprise as Hearn confirmed that the “Whirlwind” will continue to blow on the circuit for the upcoming couple of campaigns.

Former UK and Masters champion White, who failed to break back into the top 64 on the back of his initial invitational tour card, had already let the cat out of the bag in a recent interview with The Guardian.

Hearn said that the Londoner, who turns 57 on Thursday, was being rewarded for “undisputed services to snooker.”

Emperor Barry Hearn took time out of his holiday in the sun schedule to get a photograph with US 9 Ball Open winner Joshua Filler . Here's Emperor Barry Hearn in his 'I wish I won the US Masters Golf Green jacket' picture with the tournament winner Joshua Filler .

I watched as much US 9 Ball but imagine travelling from one side of the world to the next , Mandalay Bay to hit a dry break on your first shot then sit on your seat until your beat . How's that a great tournament ?

Emperor Barry Hearn then no doubt helped out his son Eddie Hearn to sell a Boxing deal for Anthony Joshua fight to the USA on PPV TV Channel and this is the best they could come up with to sell to USA fight fans .

Anthony Joshua to defend his heavyweight titles against Andy Ruiz Jr :

Anthony Joshua v Andy Ruiz Jr: Briton anticipates 'technical' bout in New York ;

Oddschecker : Anthony Joshua v Andy Ruiz Jr odds REVEALED :

Quote .

" Unbeaten Joshua is an overwhelming favourite to beat his stand-in opponent.

Anthony Joshua was confirmed to face Andy Ruiz Jr. on June 1st at Madison Square Garden and the Watford-born world champ is just 1/16 to rack up his 23rd win as a professional.

Considering that Joshua was 1/6 to beat Jarrell Miller, bookies think that Ruiz presents an easier challenge than the New Yorker, despite the 29-year-old winning 32 of his 33 fights, 21 by KO.

Ruiz Jr’s sole loss was to Joseph Parker, who is the only person to have taken AJ the distance in his pro career. He is 12/1 to cause an upset, with the draw available at 33/1.

Joshua is currently backed by 61% of total bets, with 38% of the money going on Ruiz Jr. The challenger has said that he wants to ‘shock the world’ by beating Eddie Hearn’s golden boy, but bookies think he has less of a chance than Carlos Takam and Alexander Povetkin, both of whom went off at shorter odds in their respective fights.

Oddschecker spokesperson George Elek: ” Joshua's odds suggest it will be another easy victory for the English fighter, with bookies and punters alike giving Ruiz Jr little chance against.

There remains some doubt about Joshua's chin, so with 21 KOs from 32 wins, he will be keen to finish the fight before he is hit by the powerful challenger. Joshua is 16/1 to end it in the first round.”

Emperor Barry Hearn putting bums on seats since the day he met Steve Davis .

Are you buying Joshua V Ruiz Jr on pay per view ?


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Barry Hearn FULL PRESS CONFERENCE | DRA cut Gerwyn Price fine! | Unicorn boards

DRA Statement: Gerwyn Price Appeal :

Gerwyn Price has Grand Slam fine reduced by £10,000 after appeal :

Gerwyn Price's fine over Gary Anderson match halved but disrepute verdict upheld :

Other news :


Meanwhile at the BDO :


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Hearn gives thoughts on potential future of bdo: “they are f*cked”

Lawrence Lustig/PDC
3:33 pm, 1 January 2020

Quote .

" Barry Hearn, chairman of the PDC recently sat down with LiveDarts during the 2020 PDC World Championship to discuss a number of topics.
One of them was the Ladies game and for Hearn it is something he wants to take slowly and use the World Series as a potential opportunity platform.

Hearn though added that there is also a responsibility on the likes of the BDO to get their act together so that the PDC can then breed these next darting stars.

“Suddenly there is lots of people talking rubbish which always happens on something new. They are like when are you going to do this. The answer is very slowly, you build sustainable businesses brick by brick, you don’t put a house up before the foundations are properly secured otherwise it falls down and you’ve wasted your time,” said Hearn to LiveDarts.

“Now is the time for reflection and opportunity and to use specific invitations like the World Series of Darts to show people we are serious about equality and show that ability is the only criteria.

“As well as to encourage the amateur bodies who have been painfully slow in getting their act together and it’s certainly more their responsibility to mine. They have an obligation to the World of Darts, our job is to create this land of milk and money for the few that are excellent and there are only a few.

We are seeing a more Global effect on Darts, I never thought I’d see a Lithuanian in the Quarter-Finals, it’s exciting but not as exciting than women coming in. There is no doubt the Women’s market is untapped.”

WDF and future of the BDO
In terms of the amateur body, it was revealed last week that the PDC and WDF had a private meeting and Hearn admitted honestly that he is always happy to help and who knows what will happen.

He did discuss the BDO and said about their mistakes and that they shouldn’t try competing with the PDC and that attempting to do that always means they are on a hiding to nothing and that they should stick to what they are good at.

“I’m always happy to give my views and I’m happy to help but there are certain rules of professionalism I want to see in the amateur game before they get a penny of my money!”

“I think they are more receptive to some of my ideas now than they were and who knows what the future will hold. I want to see how the BDO World Championships take place, I think they will struggle, I think they made a mistake moving away from Lakeside and I think their broadcast partners won’t be happy with some of the product on display,” continued Hearn.

“That isn’t to say there isn’t a future for amateur darts. We’ve helped a bit with Development, Challenge Tours but if we’re dining out on the Women’s game, there isn’t enough being done by the amateur body,

The amateur game have no chance trying to compete with us. First of all they don’t have me heading them up so they have no chance whatsoever, number two they don’t have the money, number three they don’t have the sponsors and TV or commercial acumen whatsoever, they are f*cked. So what they do is, don’t compete in a battle you can’t win. They can’t have pretensions of grandeur when they’ve got no grandeur.”

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Author: Samuel Gill


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Barry Hearn dismisses criticism of Saudi Arabia snooker tournament

" World Snooker Tour chairman Barry Hearn has rejected criticism of the decision to stage a tournament in Saudi Arabia for the first time this year.

Hearn insisted the Saudi Arabian Masters, which will take place in Riyadh in October and earn its champion £500,000, "can only be beneficial" to the opening-up of Saudi society.

Human rights organisations including Amnesty International have strongly criticised the staging of major sporting events in the Kingdom, chiefly Anthony Joshua's world heavyweight title fight against Andy Ruiz Jr last month.

Speaking at the launch of his governing body's re-brand, Hearn told media: "There are probably half a dozen countries in the world that have human rights issues.

"I am impressed with the attitude of the Saudi government and their investment in sport because they are making a push to make their younger people more active and that can only be beneficial.

"Sport is an issue that moulds countries together. It forms character in young people. It gives expression and an opportunity to those that may not have it. There is a bigger picture."

Hearn confirmed that female referees would be used in the tournament, a relatively significant move in the context that women were not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia until last year.

Hearn added: "The fact we are using female referees is a major step forward.

"We are all aware of the situation, but sport knows no boundaries in our view and we are there to spread the gospel of sport, and in this case the gospel of snooker."

Barry Hearn: Snooker's elite can 'go or pass' on Saudi Arabia tournament :


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World Snooker takes on WST moniker, plans new online platform

Quote .

" World Snooker, the commercial arm of the sport, has rebranded to World Snooker Tour (WST) stating its ambition to launch an “exciting new online platform” and double prize money over the next decade.

In 2010, World Snooker was taken over by the Matchroom Sport agency, chaired by Barry Hearn. During the 2009-10 season there were just six world ranking events and total prize money of £3.6m (€4.2m/$4.7m).

In its new guise, WST will oversee a professional circuit including 25 events and total prize money of £14.6m. A new logo and branding for the Tour have been created, which will be used going forward at all events and on all digital platforms, including the official website

Hearn said: “Our decision to relaunch as WST with fantastic new branding is part of our vision for snooker as we reflect on a decade of change and look forward to a bright future.

“Over the past 10 years we have exploited the massive popularity of our sport across the planet. We have created new events with lasting legacies and worked with broadcasters to bring snooker to an ever growing audience. We have modernised our sport, particularly through social media, to appeal to a young generation of fans, and our new branding reflects that.

“We have tripled prize money over the past decade, and looking ahead to the next 10 years I believe we can double it again, towards £30m. Rather than resting on our success, we have plans in place to continue our development with relentless ambition.”

World Snooker last month announced a 10-year deal with Saudi Arabia’s General Sports Authority for a lucrative new tournament to be hosted in the country from 2020. The inaugural Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters will take place in Riyadh from October 4-10, with total prize money of £2.5m.

In November, World Snooker furthered its efforts to promote the sport in India by agreeing a partnership with the India Business Group (IBG). As part of the collaboration, IBG will assist in the promotion of the Indian Open, an annual professional ranking tournament which was next due to take place in March. However, World Snooker was recently forced to postpone the event after failing to find a host city.

Hearn added today (Thursday): “Recently we announced a new event in Saudi Arabia which will set a new record for prize money for one event, and it is a 10 year deal with the intention to grow snooker at grass roots level in the region.

“As well as expansion into the Middle East we are pushing hard into India where we think there is enormous potential. North America, South America and Africa are also potential markets with a bright future. Soon we will announce plans for an exciting new online platform which will bring snooker to even more fans in every corner of the globe.”


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Barry Hearns calls for “disgraceful” BDO board to resign

Quote .

" PDC Chairman Barry Hearn has called for the BDO board to “resign en bloc immediately” following their treatment of players at the recent World Championship.

The 40 men and 16 women competing in last week’s BDO World Championship at Indigo at The O2 were left in the dark over how much prize money they would receive amid the uncertainty surrounding the organisation.

BDO Chairman Des Jacklin penned a letter to all competitors just days before the start of the tournament outlining that the prize fund would be significantly reduced, which he attributed to ‘toxicity’ on social media causing the promoters to be unable to attract a title sponsor.

Jacklin had promised earlier in the year that Women’s World Champion would pocket a record £20,000 top prize, an increase of £7,500 from 2019, but instead the winner will receive £10,000.

The men’s prize fund suffered a devastating blow, with Wayne Warren receiving just £23,000 for his success, a 77 per cent reduction on what Glen Durrant took home for retaining the title 12 months ago.

In total, the men’s prize fund was down 58 per cent on last year with a total of £127,000, while the Ladies prize fund totalled £26,500.

In a response to a fan proposing that Warren should be offered a PDC Tour Card as reigning BDO World Champion, Hearn tweeted: ‘He withdrew from Q School so that’s impossible for him.

‘But I do feel so sorry for him – a disgraceful and shoddy way to be treated.

‘Those in power at the BDO should be ashamed of themselves and resign en bloc immediately as their credibility is zero.’

Jacklin had sent a letter to all County members in the early hours of Wednesday morning on behalf of the BDO board, which stated: “the last few weeks have been extremely difficult” and that “tough decisions had to be made.”

The board believed the World Championship to be a “success” despite just 15 per cent of tickets having been sold prior to the event – the first to be staged away from Lakeside in 33 years.

The letter went on to state that the BDO has parted company with its commercial advisors Sportotal in a move its hopes will free up a considerable amount of expenditure in 2020 to allow for investment.

Though a title sponsor could not be secured for the World Championship, Jacklin insists he is in talks with “several companies” for the coming year which could lead to extra televised events.

In an exclusive interview with Live Darts during the PDC World Championship, Hearn revealed conversations between the PDC and the World Darts Federation – the sport’s official governing body – had been taking place “for some time”.

The WDF announced in early December that it will no longer recognise BDO operated tournaments with immediate effect.

Hearn, who had a lucrative offer to buy out the BDO turned down over a decade ago, said: “I tried to hold the hand of friendship out to the BDO when I first took over the PDC and was rebuffed in a not very pleasant manner, which didn’t go down very well with me, but nevertheless that’s history.

“I made them an offer to take over, which was rebuffed, I saved myself a couple of million which in my world is still significant money, so I’m very grateful for that.

“Now we’re in the situation again where the amateur game needs a bit of guidance and clarity, I’m always happy to give my views and I’m happy to help.

“But there are certain rules of professionalism that I want to see in the amateur game before they get a penny of my money.

“The conversation with the WDF has been going on for some time, I think they’re more receptive now to some of my ideas than they were and who knows what the future will hold?

“We don’t want to kick a man while he’s down, that’s not really nice, so I want to see how the BDO Championships take place, I wish them well, I think they made a mistake moving away from Lakeside and I think their broadcast partners are not going to be happy with some of the product on display.

“That doesn’t mean to say there’s not a future for amateur darts because it is part of the bedrock of any sport – the grass roots.

“The amateur game has made a massive mistake trying to compete with us.

“Number one, they don’t have me heading it up so they have no chance whatsoever.

“Number two, they don’t have the money, number three they don’t have the TV broadcasters, sponsors or any commercial acumen whatsoever – they are f*cked.

“Don’t compete in a battle you can’t win.”

Mark Tadman , 9 DART FINISH page :

Quote .

" Mark Tadman
Admin · 20 hrs
I honestly didn't think the current fiasco at the BDO could get any worse. I genuinely didn't think that I would read anything else that would shock me, and then up popped this........

BDO Chairman Des Jacklin's wife Paula has seemingly submitted an MBE nomination for his tireless work 365 days per year on behalf of darts , it's players and supporters .

Paula Jacklin , who calls darts fans scum on social media has nominated husband BDO Chairman Des Jacklin for an MBE , who has practically destroyed the BDO ! :eek::wink::):grin-square:

You really couldn't make it up so hopefully soon Emperor Barry Hearns talks with WDF succeed !


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Emperor Barry Hearn blocks Snookerbacker from Twitter

On the scroll looking for Snookerbacker tips and selections and hello hello , what's all this then ? Emperor Barry Hearns blocked Snookerbacker from Twitter .

snookerbacker 🗣️
I believe I have been blocked by the Saudi Arabia human rights abuser appeaser Chairman of World Snooker? Mr Barry Hearn.

Truth Hurts or Ignorance is Money? Or I'm guessing 'Don't Know' 'Don't Care'

He might be rich but he can't spell.

Jan 15, 2020

snookerbacker 🗣️
I think we all need to take a minute here. Barry Hearn blocks Snookerbacker.

This is a turning point people.

He must be getting worried he's not been invited to bong Big Ben at the end of the month.

Revolution is happening.

Jan 15, 2020

snookerbacker 🗣️
Anyway, good luck to @BarryHearn and all those he steals business plans off, rubbishes, and then does them on the cheap.

I'd never be so petty to block him on here by the way. Weird.

Jan 15, 2020

snookerbacker 🗣️
Really funny actually, it's like these big heads of business and stuff have started realising that being positive isn't enough once they are presented with their post-Brexit numbers. Snooker 'real' earnings will go down from here on in. Guaranteed.

Jan 15, 2020

snookerbacker 🗣️
Being blocked by Barry Hearn allows me to share our dealings I believe, just checked the terms and conditions. We had a few conversations over the telephone some of which can be easily interpreted as what he definitely didn't say.

Oh my oh my.

Jan 15, 2020

snookerbacker 🗣️
I'm not really bothered. He's just another old greedy businessman that doesn't give a **** about anything other than his empire. If he does have a heart, he hides it under corporate donations.

snookerbacker 🗣️
Anyway. Off to bed having rescued dogs, worked hard and provided for my family for another day. Never knowingly ruining anyone else's life along the way while supporting terrorism for my own (or my son's) greedy financial means.

Jan 15, 2020

Jan 15, 2020

snookerbacker 🗣️
Just blocked Hearn.

Jan 16, 2020

snookerbacker 🗣️
Anyone who wants to discuss #blockgate will need to speak to my agent @thewizardofglos #nocomment

Jan 16, 2020

I've not got Twitter but if you do and have Emperor Barry Hearn never forget the eleventh commandment .

The Eleventh Commandment .

Thy shalt not disagree with Emperor Barry Hearn or thy shalt be blocked on Twitter .