Bending down on shot


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i am not an instructor but for me the contact point on the object ball


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I am setting my cue to my target line. I have to look at the target ball.
As I approach my cue ball I look at the cue tip in reference to the location on the cue ball.

Now my bridge is settled in and my stance is comfortable.



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Slow this video down to .25 speed and you can watch Ronnie O'Sullivan's eyes as he goes into the shot.
His technique just might be worth emulating.:thumbup::rolleyes::thumbup:

I watched that video over 10 times at full screen size and stopped it at various points, and my conclusion is that he looks continuously at the target ball as he is moving his body down into his stance. Once he is set in his stance then he looks back and forth between the cue ball and target ball, as he did when he was standing.

I do the same and teach the same.


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Here is a look at Shaun Murphy's eyes going into a shot from the same match.

Myself I have found my point of aim on the object ball and the line I want the cue ball to follow while standing square to the shot. As I stride into the shot, I am focused on that line and putting my cue stick on the line. I maintain more of wide angle view that confirms my alignment. As I am bending down to set the bridge I shift from the long range to the short range, to be sure of my bridge placement and the tip's distance from the cue ball. While doing this I maintaining a wide angle view. So the bending over is a transition from long range to short range with a lack of sharp focus on any one thing. As the bridge is set I focus on the cue ball and start the back and forth to object ball.
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