Bernie Friend blues song to Kevin Trudeau


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Song deleted, because undoubtingly some won't be able to take a joke.

ps. Is there a way that I can delete this thread completley?
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Funny that Bernie's last post was "I was wrong." I speculated that he may get kicked off the tour for his rantings against the IPT. I wonder what the players signed regarding their behavior. Now I think he may have been told that he had violated his contract and he might not just get tossed off the tour but he may not even be entitled to the $5000 for his rantings.

I am sure that the hand picked players have some responsibility as ambassadors for the IPT in exchange for the monies they receive (Bernie certainly is not earning it for his player skills). If he is in violation of his contract he might be in serious trouble as regards getting paid. (This is only speculation because I don't know what they signed but Bernie sure clammed up after his "I was wrong".)