Best softer tips...


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I've always liked the feel of softer tips when I strike. When I got my Pechauer in `12 it had a softer tip on it that I believe came with it, but it was pretty worn. I had it replaced with a tip by a company that I simply can't remember the name of, Danny Smith recommended them to me and seemed to indicate he was sponsored by them back then (around 2014) and I believe I got the tip via him.

Being new to the game - I damn near destroyed the tip pretty quickly shaping, reshaping, picking, reshaping... Just didn't know what I was doing and now I've been playing for like 8 years with a tip thats thin enough that I dare not reshape it ever again lol.

Long shot - does anybody remember what specific company Danny might have been attached to back then? I tried texting him, but I hadn't texted him in yearrrrrs and got no response.

Given the likelihood that no one knows the answer to that obscure question: What are your recommendations for best softer tips on the market?


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Don't know but i'd try Ultraskins. they make three softs: s, very soft, pro soft with pro the softest. Great tips and only 3bux ea if you buy 10.