Best Year a Professional ever had?


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Vaner, Hall, Sigel, Strickland, Mizerak, Rempe, Reid, Archer, Hopkins, Dallas West, and St Louie Louie were all extremely tough to beat back in the 80s.....they seemed more intimidating than players today, played about the same speed, just without all the racking and breaking tricks and was tougher in the 80s too.

I'm glad you said that CJ, since just about everybody under 40 these days swears not only that the players today are better, but that the equipment back then was much easier.


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I had some free time so I researched both Billiards Digest and Pool and Billiard to document Nick's 1989 season. He had an excellent finish to the 1988 season too.

Good work! Thanks for adding the details to what I put in post #13 above, showing that Nick won approximately half of the events he entered in 1989 (or perhaps a bit less than half if he entered any bar table events not in your list).


In just over a years time from May 1986 to June 1987, Mike Sigel won over $100,000 in prize money. $50,000 came in December of 1986 with wins in Reno and AC.


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