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This case was done for an uber patient forum member in Singapore. It is done in black elephant print. We used the pockets and the backpack straps from the Wave case series because he wanted roomy pockets and easy carrying since he walks a lot and takes buses to the pool rooms. On this one we put the seam on the side to allow the leather to be very expressive.

As you can see we played with the lid as well and added a slight wave to it.

The lower pocket also has a removable jump cue handle holder inside.












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You and your staff are the greatest casemakers on the planet , who continually create one of a kinds and do so beautifully. Did I forget to say I like it??.


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Turned out beautifully. Very innovative. Great, user friendly, access & portability. I bet he thinks you knocked that one outta the park.


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John is very kind to me by just describing me as patient.
He forgot to mention that I am a troublesome customer as well. :embarrassed2:
Yes, I am the customer from Singapore who own this cue case.

John has been very patient with me despite my extensive demands especially for the elephant print leather as I wanted this leather badly for the case.

I liked the pockets from the Sterling Wave cue cases and I asked John if it was possible to install them on my case. He agreed to my request instantly despite the fact that he has not installed any of these pockets on his custom cases before.
He managed to pull it off almost within 1 week, which I think is quite a feat as he managed to install and align the pockets to make it look nice on the case.

In addition, John used black rivets for this cue case, which makes it more attractive. Personally I think that that the cue would look loud if the normal shiny metal or brass rivets are used instead.

When I first received the case, I checked the case all over a few times to check for any minor flaws or imperfection but I could not find any. :grin:
Instead there was a pleasant surprise of a hidden jump cue butt in the long pockets. It is a small sleeve which really protects the jump cue butt. John really thinks of everything when it comes to cue protection.

This case has everything that I look for in a cue case:
1. Good internal and external protection for my cues.
2. Simple yet elegant looks.
3. Roomy pockets for me to put ALL my accessories into it.
4. Comfortable back straps which make it easier for me when I take the train or buses to pool halls here in Singapore
5. A design which is not too similar to the Flowers style or Instroke style.

Overall, I am 100% glad with my purchase and the quality of the case.
I feel 100% satisfied and happy for deciding to get a John Barton Custom case and I think I will get more in the future if my cue collection expands.

Thank you once again, John.

A very happy John Barton Custom Cue Case customer
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Wow... You've been getting lucky &#%@%^#$^ yet again. You need to rub those into me. :thumbup:


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Does the bottom of the case have any type of protective feet? Can't tell by the pics.



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the touch on the Lid makes it even more awesome John. :) another great creation.

you are indeed a fortunate man, marcel. great case!