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  • I heard through the grapevine that you may have a line on some decent shaftwood . If so I am in the market.
    Chris Facundus
    I saw your dovetail and u channel for sale, do you have any more available. If so I'd love one with the pinion track. Thanks. My paypal is message me anytime here or on Facebook. Tony Sauer. Thanks.
    I noticed your sanding arbors have not been available for a while now. Any idea on when they will be available?

    I love your Cue Lathe.. You crated the main Frame/Bed so well, it would not move if it was turned upside-down. I appreciate you spending that much time to be sure the machine arrived safely.
    Your Lathe will give me a chance to have some fun making cues with inlays I like.

    You and your wife have treated me very kindy and given me all the support I needed.
    Thanks for your great customer service..
    Alton - Cue Caps

    I bought your veneer press and thinks it is great. I have an idea for a new product you can offer that would require cuemakers to buy your press. This would be away to sell your press to people who do not want to fold veneers.

    Make a multiple die for cutting colored veneer ring. You could sell a die plate to fit a full veneer sheet sized with 3/4 & 5/8 IDs.

    I think you would get a lot of sales for such an item and the press would be needed for this to work right with even pressure plates. There are a lot of guys out there that will never want to fold or don't even do points. Everybody needs rings. I am currently paying .50 per veneer rings form Prather.

    Making a small punch that cuts one at a time would blow the upsell of the press because people would just use a vice.

    Just food for thought. If you make these put me at the top of the list.

    Rick Geschrey

    I just place an order for 200 joint pins 3/8 - 14 with a local screw machine shop. Got a great deal. The sample quality was awesome and we told him to run with it.

    I know you are very busy and have much larger projects going on. I just wanted to give you a courtesy pm to let you know I am no longer in the market for the pins.

    I am not pissed at you and am very happy with my new pin vendor. I will continue to be your valued customer and thank you for all the great products that I have purchased from you.

    Your Friend,

    Rick Geschrey
    Hi Lee,

    Happy New Year. Your new lathe looks great and well built. I bet you will sell a ton of them. Your Dual Chuck DC headstock puts you in front of Unique and Cueman.

    Rick Geschrey
    Hey Lee, I bought a Sneaky Pete kit from you and I also payed for a extra shaft. Any word on when I can expect it? Thanks.
    hi Lee, that is a fine cue you posted pics of. the new Manzino/Black Boar CNC cues are amazing too. There is like a ever widening gap in styles of cues since guys have tools that didnt exist just a few years ago. The evolution of cue making is just starting to blossom and to watch it is fun. I'm going to make this message a thread I like the idea of it,

    i'm out making friends tonight on AZ, the posts were kinda boaring so i thought i'd go around and say hello to people I read alot of their posts but dont talk to often, so hello. I am going to start a thread about that topic.

    Hey Lee, just wondering I saw your sneaky pete kit on your websight and I was wondering how much it would be with two shafts? Another question, is Rosewood the only fullsplice you have for your sneakies?
    I have been looking at your new lathe and was wondering if you had thought about making an upgrade package for lathes that use the same bed. Maybe just the complete headstock/motor, tool post, and tailstock?
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