Blomdahl discusses his Molinari


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I just received the same cue ( Thanks Ira). Although I currently don't play 3C, hopefully take it up sometime in the future, my thinking was that it would be a great cue for playing 8 ball/9 ball. After a couple of days of long practice, I am astonished how effortlessly it moves the cue and, IMHO, how little deflection it has.

I need to practice with it a little more, but not much doubt it will be my playing cue.



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Stan, is this the cue you had with you when in Jacksonville?

I had been wanting a Longoni, I did get one (Sultan model) but was disappointed, did not hit like my friend's Longoni, which I like very much. Could have been a "dud", bad shafts, etc. This seems like a nice option as well.