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Bludworth cue for sale. Six points of Cocobolo into Birds Eye Maple. Black phenolic joint with stainless steel special joint pin Bludworth design. Black Boar print leather wrap. Cocobolo butt sleeve with diamond shaped inlays alternating. Spear shaped inlays in the points also. All inlays are the good stuff. Black butt cap with red dot inlay. Silver ring work at all locations. Butt 15.4 oz. Shaft 1 3.6 oz. 13.00 mm. Shaft 2 3.5 oz. 12.87 mm. Jumper shaft 13.84 mm. Bludworth joint pin size is .348 dia. X 11.45 T.P.I. The two playing shafts have about a credit card light variation when rolled. Not enough to affect play in any way. Butt rolls flat. Cue rolls good together. Finish on butt is in good shape, a few very tiny dings too small to show up in picture. You need to put light on the cue just to see them. Just being full disclosure. Ferrules and tips are in good shape no problem there. Cue has been in the Alton Riverbend area for years I know the former owners. Tips appear to be original. Cue has been stored and not played with for many years. Asking SOLD shipped, pay pal fees on buyer. Cue is in good shape ready to make some money. I was not sure how to price this cue so I took a stab at it. This was Jimmie Eberharts cue. Top player out of Riverbend Billiards in Alton IL. This cue has won a lot of money if only this cue could talk. Lol


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