Blue transtint dye


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I dyed a piece of curly maple with the blue transtint dye. it's mixed 1/8oz dye to 4oz denatured alcohol. Let it sit to dry for 24 hours. Went to apply CA for the finish and I'm getting blue dye on my paper towel and it seem like the ca is not wanting to dry very fast at all.

I've used other transtint dyes before and have done this same thing and this has never happened before. This is my 1st time using blue though.

Can anyone explain what I did wrong or what I can do to correct the situation?


Nathan Brugmann


Kim Walker
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You should only get the blue on you paper towel on the first coat......

Hit it with some CA accelerator and it will set up.Use the aerosol spray while the cue is spinning.

Next time spin the cue fast and dry wipe it with a paper towel to get the surface dye off the cue....