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  • Hello, Kim could you please send me a picture of where you attach 3 rubber bands at? and where you attach rubber block at? Iam have the same issue and I think what you are doing would help, thanks in advance for your help. kj
    Always enjoy your posts thanks for everything you share here, you are one of my favorite people to read posts from.
    Hello, I am interested in more info about the Solarez UV cured finish. Please help
    Would you tell me which Solarez product you use? Just started building cues again and this product looks very appealing to me.

    Thank you
    Wayne Cormier
    no one is as good as they want to be???

    i was referring to those minority of players who have found their niche in the pool world, usually older players in the gambling world or younger players in local leagues, and might want to get better for a game or two but most are content to muddle through. there is nothing wrong with that attitude concerning how one plays the game and i just wanted to be inclusive. it probably didn't make much sense but that's just my style.


    In case you did not get them. I figured out how to put these files on photobucket.

    Hope it helps,


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