Bob Frey 60" sneaky


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Bob Frey 30" Butt and Tiger Ultra LD 30" shaft, 5/16 14 silver ring, $Sold$ shipped CONUS.


The 30" Frey butt is 15.5 oz with no weight bolt. One can be added. The 30" Tiger shaft is about 3.7 oz, 12.5mm and increases steadily like a conical type Z shaft. New Kamui clear brown medium tip. It is a stiff hitting shaft. Bought the Frey this year from Bob and the shaft used on AZ. Spent over $500, but a 58"-59" cue suits my 5'10" height better. I had the Frey built to match an OB+ shaft but am keeping the OB. The Tiger shaft matches up well. The silver ring on the Tiger shaft isn't quite the same thickness/color as the butt. The butt has a few dings next to the bumper, otherwise is in great shape. Not really looking for a trade except for possibly a Schon wrapless butt around 15 oz. Since I can't figure out how to insert my pics, pm me your email and I will forward them. Won't be able to reply on Saturday but will on Sunday.
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