Bob Frey Sneaky FT or FS


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I have a Bob Frey Sneaky up for trade or sale. I would prefer to just trade it. What Im looking for is a combo of two things. Im looking for a good Jump cue(possibly custom) and a Playing shaft. Either a Predator Z shaft or a Jacoby Hybrid edge shaft. 5/16 pin with a black collar would be perfect. I am looking for these basically brand new because this Frey has basically test hit a few racks. I would upload pics but im having problems doing it from my iPhone. The Frey is a standard sneaky, Cocobolo(i think) into straight grain maple, wood to wood joint with a black collar, 3/8 10 pin I think but im not sure. Hoppe ring (non ivory). If someone wants to buy it straight up Ill sell it for $400 shipped OBO. Pictures will be up later tonight.
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