Brunswick-B-C Narragansett Table - with Ball Return. Year Vintage Knowledge??


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Hello Everyone,

I am seeking Brunswick-Blake-Collender knowledge matching to a 9ft Narragansett table. The table I speak of has me puzzled. It is wearing a patents decal with dates ending with a 1897 patent date. The stand-out to me is the table has ball return. All the Narragansett tables I researched have drop pockets of this era.

My first question is when did B-B-C offer a ball return particularly, of course, to this level table?

The second question is how close does research tell the manufacture date related to the patent decal ending date(s)? Again, my research ties the ending patent sticker date to 1-2 years of the table being constructed. ...this puts the Narragansett table right into the pre-1900 release dates I have seen...but the table has the ball return.

I thank you in advance of any simple feedback provided.

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