Brunswick European 10-Ball Open


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After the very successful 10-Ball Masters held in Cologne, the next 10-Ball tournament is right in front of the door.
Souquet took the title and the 3.500 Euros in Cologne and will be present again. This time his aim is to collect the 5.000 Euros winner prize of the Brunswick European 10-Ball Open. The field is open up to 256 players, if 200 or more sign up 40.000 Euro prize money are guaranteed. Entry fee is 125 Euros, money to earn for the last 64 (160 Euros at least)
Tournament starts with group stages from Thursday 12th on to the grande finale on Sunday 15th

Alongside Souquet there will be plenty of Germans (unknown to you), but they all can play pool. Like Ramazan Dincer, young man in his early 20's (if at all), Mehmet Cankurt, a german premier league player, a 15 year old 2nd league player...

Other pro's among Souquet are
Niels Feijen
Oliver Ortmann
Nick van den Berg
Imran Majid
Thomas Engert

Not too many signed up players have been revealed a week before the tournament kicks off, so there might be some big names just around the corner - like Chamat who played in Cologne

At Cologne it was a 250 Euro buy-in Ringgame with Ortmann taking the 1.500 Euro winner-talks-all, this time it's an one hour exhibition match between Feijen and Ortmann taking place on Friday 13th 7pm