Brunswick Liberty House Cue


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Hey guys I have an old Brunswick house cue and was Kinda wondering what the value of this old cue might be? I just got it and it is about 52-53 inches and has a label that says Brunswick liberty on it, and It doesnt have any veneers in it but appears to have 4 rosewood points into maple, cue weighs what feels like 20oz I havent weighed it as I just walked through the door from an old pool room I use to visit.

Also I wanted to see if there is any interest in this cue as well? :) :) I am not real good with the whole picture thing but if there is some SERIOUS interest in this cue I can post pics. ALSO I know that it is nearly impossible to tell the value of a cue site unseen, but could you guys and gals that have knowledge of these old cues give me a ballpark? Also the cue is in about 60% condition if that, and has a few small dings in the cue and of course the finish is very dull if that helps........

if I dont sale it I may just make me a conversion out of it, as I am starting to make a few cues, but didnt really want to make a mistake and destroy a halfway decent cue if it had any value.

I only paid $ 9 bucks for the cue, in a group of dufferin/ brunswicks I bought at the room tongight I figure the value isnt going to be huge but I thought maybe $ 75-$ 100 dollars but may be way to high in my thinking so I thought I would just ask those who know here in this forum...:cool: :) :)