Brunswick Table ID - Similar to Gold Crown?


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I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a nice GC at a nicer price to put in my basement. I came across these two tables that resemble a GC but the center pockets look more like a Medalist. The legs look different from any Medalist I've seen though. Does anyone know what model this is and how it compares to a GC or Medalist?




Looks to me like a Brunswick Monticello, not sure how they play but hopefully that helps some


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Bob 14:1

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I owned a Monticello for several years. Bought it from a hall in Cleveland c. 35 years ago.

They were upgrading to Gold Crowns. Paid $600 installed with Centennials.

Probably best described as having a commercial "look", but not even remotely comparable to a GC.

Nice family table. On the same order of a current low to mid level furniture table from Brunswick today.

Some partical board if I remember. Still probably a better value at c. $1200 than a lot of the current low end Brunswicks made in gosh knows where... :shrug:
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