Brunswick Willie Hoppe Pro. EARLY EARLY


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I believe this to be a very early Hoppe with Ivory. I am using the label to date it and looking at the sig. in the label. Closed "P" and Beginning of "W" in Willie has small swoop. Online shows it as 1940-1945????????. Someone maybe knows more please chime in. Never turned, it is huge and almost straight. Both have a small amount of roll. Perfect for a conversion or play it as is. It has Ivory ring and ferrule. Tip is good and shaft is a 9. Screws together tight. I bet it is a player as is, but have not been able to hit. Also shaft has screw it in????? Early????????? Priced at 300.00 shipped. Sorry not giving this away. Firm for now. No trades, working towards a scruggs, and I just bought 2 Jeff Olneys so this has to go. 19 ounce and I think it is rosewood? Oak?? The veneers are awesome and a 10. The initials EJ stamped at factory in butt sleeve opposite label.



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