Buffalo Billiards, tournament yesterday had 51 players, with Calcutta and all!

Lock N Load

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I fun, but sorry I didnt represent The Lock Society better that day. Finshing 11/12 made me happy for not playing on the 9' tables in months, but it still wasnt good enough.

Stone Cold Lock,
You did your part. That is what counts. The world famous Lock Society was represented very good. A 51 player tournament and in the 5 players left in the later part of the event their are 4 Lock Society members and 1 none member, but his son is in the world famous Lock Society. And he was the oldest player in the tournament.

I think that is saying a lot for the Lock Society! JoeyA placed good and he was one of the last 5 players. He is a Lock Society member also.
I am glad you came to our pool hall to play in the tournament, thanks.
Many Regards,
Lock N Load.